Multipurpose - Small Workplace


Ideal for: Small workplaces, Work & Domestic Vehicles, Outdoor Workers, Hikers, Travel Bags, Backpacks.

The Multi Purpose National Class C Kit is a compact yet comprehensive first aid kit that provides for a wide range of situations, both occupational and recreational. The kit features a tough nylon fabric pack that has a useful belt loop for outdoor workers or outdoor recreational activities.

Contents: Adhesive dressing strips, Adhesive island dressing 7.5 x 5cm, Non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 10cm, Non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 5cm, Gauze swabs 2pk 5 x 5cm, No.15 sterile wound dressing, Rapaid antiseptic cream 1g, Antiseptic wound wipe, Alcohol wipe, Gauze bandage 5cm, Gauze bandage 7.5cm, Paper dressing tape 1.25cm, Eye pad, Sodium chloride ampoules 15ml, Disposable splinter probes, Scissors Sharp/Blunt, Triangular bandage, Disposable CPR faceshield, Disposable gloves, Plastic bag small, Plastic bag medium, Safety pins, First Aid pamphlet NSW Workcover approved, Notebook, Pencil.
*Complies with all Australian State and Territory workplace first aid guidelines.


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